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English Poetry



I knew not whether it was bad to say;

Or it was sympathetically sad to say;

But seductively so, I had had to say !

It was my brutal honesty to tell my fiancee,

“Seductress”, “You seem to be now in fancy” !

Chaste, as she was, she felt offended to hear so,

Rushed, she, homewards, being a wretched widow !

I felt her being badly shocked by my piercing remark,

So, I couldn’t help reaching her home beside the park !

My repeated knocking at her door was unresponsive,

I was then left with no alternative but be a bit offensive !

I broke into her house by jumping through the window,

With dogged-determination even to marry the widow !

In this dramatic deal, I forgot my being already married,

Lest my would-be-child from the fiancee be miscarried !

It was so incumbent upon me to commit the deuterogamy,

Unmindful of any repercussions to do away with monogamy !

I found the fiancee lay aloof on the floor beside her bed,

Thunderstruck, I felt when I found that she was lying dead !

A golden baby was annexed to her bosom sucking her boob,

Respiring with difficulty, however, through its bronchial tube !

I was both glad and sad to realize philosophy of birth and death

And to go ahead boldly for posthumous penury and the aftermath !

I brought home my born baby who was joyfully accepted by all,

My issueless wife gladly nourished her to well become fairly tall !

The bright baby developed fast and frolicsome like a tomboy,

To be pleasant enough to be loved by all family like a play-toy !

I thus escaped from committing the crime of deuterogamy,

By grace of my chaste wife which helped preserve monogamy !




  1. Vishvnand says:

    A nice poem well explaining what is this new word Deuterogamy
    But hope the incidence is not real but only imaginary
    For the incident leaves behind many interpretations
    Not quite moral or becoming for the person in the incident
    To feeling helped & escape from the immorality of the created situation

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @Vishvnand, India in
      the world dominates in monogamy, bigamy, deuterogamy,
      polygamy and/or omnigamy. Lord Krishna is said to have
      more than a thousand wives and so an omnigamist ! Lord Rama is known as a strict monogamist. In foreign, the
      British and the U.S. cherish free matrimony known to be
      life-partnership and which is mostly ephemeral.

      • s n singh says:

        @ashwini kumar goswami, its bigamy and not bio gamy. I also find this sentence ungrammatic-
        I thus escaped from committing the crime of deuterogamy,
        May like to comment sir.

        • ashwini kumar goswami says:

          @s n singh, Yes, U R
          right ! I knew well it should be bigamy or more appropriately
          here would be digamy. Done ! Another sentence, as
          pointed out, is rectified by deleting ‘was’ from it, thus
          reading “I thus escaped from committing the crime of
          deuterogamy” !

      • Vishvnand says:

        @ashwini kumar goswami,
        You have well dodged the query hence the inference too 🙂

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