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Political Dubious extractions ….!

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English Poetry
Political Dubious extractions ….!
I am on a dental chair sitting
My dental surgeon & his petite assistant
Discussing about my bad tooth that is paining
Their focus is on teeth & how it can be saved from extraction.
For this they say there are new root canal treatments in operation
Better for the patient as also high fees for the dental surgeons

A win win situation as per them both for patient & the surgeon

Was wondering, in the same situation,
If those two discussing were our present politicians,
their focus won’t be tooth but on manipulation for extraction.
E.g. how many good teeth are good for extraction we can convince patient
all energies focused on various means of extraction & fooling explanations.
Their mind always focused on creating opportunities for such situations
Unfortunate that for politicians involving in such activities citing national interest
Has become the main occupation for their continual wealth accumulation
We can without any doubt agree there are some exceptions.
For, some politicians are like dental surgeons,
And some dental surgeons are also like politicians,
But as laymen, we have to save ourselves with intelligence,
From politicians’ designs of all types of opportunistic extractions,
However they may try hard to put us to manipulated confusions
And not wonder at their vast assets acquired by fooling the public & nation.
 “ Vishvnand “


  1. s.n.singh says:

    very well said

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