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The Security Officials

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English Poetry

The Security Officials

There are many today
Who serve as watchmen
Or as security officials
And are amongst untrained folk.
Many don’t have
The decency to talk
Yet they have found a place
Amongst the elite

They are unlettered
Many cannot even read or write
And invariably always misspell
The names of people
Incase they write in a register
Waiting outside a building

They are capable
In getting the worst
Out of some cultured men
By creating a fracas
And by blindly
Exercising their authority
Over simple men
Who are very practical

They get no formal training
In doing the job of a watchman
Or a security official
And having regular arguments
With people who matter
Is common with them

They do not spare anyone
And have a highly inflated ego
As they try and put down
Even the best of celebrity

In the world of today
There is a genuine dearth
Of good security officials
The profession of whom
Is never questioned
And never comes up for discussion

One Comment

  1. Vishvnand says:

    Quite thoughtful take on Security personnel & officials.
    Looks like it has some evidence of personal experience.

    But I feel it is better to have crude (and not polished) security guards
    who know their security duty and perform it without partiality & undue regard,
    to differentiate between personalities in discharge of their job
    Than the trained ones who are polished & indulge in pleasing bosses & personalities than seriously performing their assigned security job.
    In India the celebrities behave as if they are bosses of security personnel and security officials take pride in being subservient to them
    Security checks etc are meant only for commoners not for celebrities & their chamchas .
    Unless the celebrities and men in power subject themselves to the same security checks as the commoner and set as an example without exception, the security lapses are bound to occur, for the culprits have high level contacts & access & will always take advantage of lax security.

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