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Awake !
Listen to the music of the flowers
The leaves fluttering in delight
The butterflies dancing in the bowers
The carnations blushing to see the sight
Of the drenched red rose…..

Listen to the elated cuckoo sing
Whirling the hearts of even the imprisoned
The souls of all creatures have found wings
The bees dipping into every flower impassioned
Making the sweetest of honey……

The trees are swaying in elation
The shrivelled leaves have found a new lease
The gardens are singing in celebration
The wind is blowing a scented breeze
Intoxicating all creation with its essence……..


  1. renu rakheja says:

    I am sorry…..Back after a long time. A mail from Medhini shook me and made me post 🙂

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Very beautiful poem of enticing awakening in nature
    Feelings & picturing penned of innately pleasing stature
    Liked the poem & awakening immensely
    Hearty Kudos

    Come sparingly if need be but come more often you must
    Thanks very much to Medhini to awaken you thus… 🙂

  3. medhini says:

    A sweet poem on nature,Renu.

  4. Hi Renu ,
    A very musical ring to a simple thoughts connected by the word ‘awake ‘ . Enjoyed it a lot .

  5. siddha nath singh says:

    spring has made you write this beautiful poem and reflects the spirit pervading in all eathly beings aptly.

  6. A Passerby says:

    Kudos! Phoenix…………!

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