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Computer- Servant who works at Instant

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English Poetry

Computer, a modern device
More than a mere device
Capable of computing far beyond
Capacity of normal human brain
Computer don’t learn but you can train
It to perform various tasks
Simple or complicated
It performs the tasks
Very dedicated
Garbage in garbage out
Obeys you without shout
It adds to your imagination
Helps in beautiful creation
Designed to design for your design
Gives output in symbol and sign
Audio and visual at usual
Servant so serious not casual
Obeys master in letters
It obeys without fretters
It turns tons of paper works
Into small floppies and disks
Nothing is without risks
When computer crash
Then there is data loss
Create a back-up data
Online or offline as you wish
Do it without a miss
You can’t blame anyone
No chance of blame game
On your colleague, you can play
Handle safe and it will play
The role of most obedient servant
Works for you in an instant
It reduced office space
Enhance the man’s pace
For performing office works
It works, works and works
Until you shut it down
It works whole day dark to dawn
Like a little pawn
Remains in your hand
And at your command

{Wrote during Summer intern at Jamial Millia Islamia Consultancy, New Delhi in the Month of June,2011}

Shashikant Nishant Sharma


  1. Kusum Gokarn says:

    Multi tasking by a computer in the modern mechanised world is well brought out.
    But the poem needs a lot of grammatical corrections and editing to avoid repetitive words.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Agree with the comments of Kusum Ji.
    Many grammatical mistakes mar the beauty of a poem or prose even if idea tried to be conveyed may be good. Please do take care to minimize the grammatical mistakes

    Today is the computer servant of man? or the man has become subservient to computers? 🙂

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