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Design a Design to Redesign a Design

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English Poetry

When we talk about design
Or think about design
Then we design
Our thought to present our design
And the design is something which is designed
To serve a design
I first encountered the word design
When I saw designs long ago;
Probably during the first class of painting
When the thought go melting
In standard first or second
But the real concept of design got designed
During our studios exercise on design
Design is a pervasive in design concept
It is something which helps precept
Many students during the first few days
The concept is a mere haze
And you need training to look through it
The thoughts get kindled and lit
Of studio they wonder what is design
And why this design don’t get aligned
With the design of the faculty
Rather they say it’s faulty
They keep on telling improve your design
Or redesign the design to suit the design
They have designed in their mind.
I sometimes feel that design is a good concept
To make us to think more before drawing lines to design
And this helps in later parts of the life
When you get to know about the intellectual property right
And the laws governing the copyright
Our Guru Google and friend copy-paste
Has made our life so simple and devoid of taste
That even for design we don’t bother to design
Our thought to evolve a unique design
A design that can design your destiny
In internal and external design jury is bad to design
If you can’t design out the essence of my small note on design
I think the design of my thoughts on design
Can help you in designing a better design
You might have heard that faculty say that Mr X design is good
Or Mr Y’s design better that Mr Z’s design
But I feel that design is design
It is your design outlook that decide the design in design
Simple or complex design is design
Design is like dream which keeps on changing every other night
A true and successful designer must be a good dreamer
Only then he can keep evolving the design
To suit the changing interest in design
Like dreams which are involuntary design is also
Design should be self-explanatory
And for you good and satisfactory
And Last but not least I would say design your design
Not for the sake of design
But for design that will design the destiny
Of human settlements very large or tiny

{Written in 2012 by the poet for a friend Sitanshu Raj for his upcoming project of literary collection of the perception of Design}

Shashikant Nishant Sharma

One Comment

  1. Vishvnand says:

    Nice commendable concept on designing designs & a poem of design thereof, except that it suffers at some places with grammatical errors.
    & felt that the poem is designed a bit too long for the designed content needed to be conveyed.

    Now a days the Nation is greatly concerned about a different design;… the hidden designs of some top Leaders & Politicians & how the authorities have so designed the system for the corrupt leaders to move scot-free and continue their ill-designed activities without being punished to upset the designs of honest citizens to fight against them & bring them to books.
    This is their most notorious design to be tackled

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