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Dream Dream Dream

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English Poetry

Dream dream dream
And dream untill dream come true
Life is nothing but dreams
Some accomplished, some unfinished
Some dreams are trifle, some cherished

You are nothing but a result of dreams
Dreams, dreams and nothing but dreams
A dream of someone
Or a dream of your own

Dream is not what you dream while asleep
Dream is what that don’t let you sleep
You live for dream
And you die for dream
Your unattained desires are dreams
What you all desire are dreams

You can’t accomplished unless you dream
What you accomplished was a dream
The law of attraction and power of passion
All say dream, dream and dream

{Published in Annual Magazine of NOSPLAN- Organisation of the Students of Planning in January,2012 by the same poet.}

Shashikant Nishant Sharma


  1. Aarthika R says:

    Very inspiring poem with great thoughts..In the last stanza, it could be modified as
    ” You can’t be accomplished unless you dream ”
    whic might have been typed in a hurry Sir..!

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Hearty welcome to p4poetry with this first posted poem of yours.

    Very nice attempt and content in the poem on the subject
    However the poem suffers from quite a few grammatical errors lowering its standard.
    Suggest the grammatical errors be corrected & poem refined further to make it superior….

    One more observation; For obvious reasons if you substitute You & Your in the poem with We and Our it would appear more appealing to readers, I think.

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