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Turn of the Month (Sight, Sound & Smell)

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English Poetry

On June 29 2012
There is a break of white
Electric socket Housing
Below which lies
A brown tripod tipoi
Delicate enough
To place delicate things

On June 30 2012
There materializes
A brown drop of liquid
On a white table
Which is wiped clean
Also the white gadi is used
To iron clothes on this day

And on July 1 2012
The newspaper TOI
Begins with a FALSE START
And a person loses
A part of his body
A part of his white tooth
That has decayed
Exactly at 10:10 am
Corresponding to the exact time
Mentioned in Times Trend pg 23

The electric socket
Without the housing
Matches the image of a woman
Looking out of her white window
In Mogadishu (Mo(gadi)shu)
On the left and on the right
One Julia Moskin (Mo(skin)) says
Help for the Gooey-Fingered
Which was the exact smell
The person who broke his tooth got

While this was on page 23
The page 1 carried an advt.
Where the word ‘Iron’
Was used with care,
In an advt. of ‘Raricap’-Bafna
While the name of the person
Who went through an ordeal
Also meant ‘rare’
And on page 24,
There is an article that says
Buzz around body parts
While a part of tooth
Which is a body-part
Was actually lost.


  1. Vishvnand says:

    Very intriguing , can’t understand

  2. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    Vishvnandji if you may need a copy of Sunday Times (TOI) of July 1 2012 to understand this poem better and you’ll have to refer to pages 1, 23 and 24.

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