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Upsets, Expectations & Love….!

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Upsets, Expectations & Love….!

I love my wife & my children,
I really love them all
But is my love equal for all.
Can my love be consistent at all?
or does it fluctuate with upsets big & small ?

When I feel upset with my wife,
I feel my love for my children
Is the reason for loving my wife
But I don’t tell this to my wife

When I feel upset with my children,
I feel and tell my wife
I love our children,
Only because I love you, my wife
Don’t know at this, what feels my wife.

Do children & wife upset me?
Or do I only make myself upset at times,
From knowing what they do or have not done,
Different from my expectations
Are my expectations right expectations?
What may be at every instance
from me too, their expectations?
To what extent I meet their expectations?
And where does this love for each other reside,
in the battle of each others expectations?
What part does love play in this confusion?

Lovingly I ponder over all this,
And my upset & expectations
All get dissolved & extinct
in my love for them.
Then only love prevails,
And nothing else….!

This whole cycle repeats often,
From getting upset to understanding….!
For understanding is also often so temporary,
In the minds of us mortals ordinary…..!

“ Vishvnand “ 


  1. Siddha Nath Singh says:

    marvellously told truth

    • Vishvnand says:

      @Siddha Nath Singh,
      Thanks very much for the uplifting comment,
      Yes, it is when we feel upset about something is the right time to think to set up our thinking right.. 🙂

  2. kanchana says:

    Paradox ,therefore puzzles,but truth too,therefore persists.

  3. Kusum Gokarn says:

    Yes. It is difficult to allot equal amount of love to all family members equally at times.

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