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Soft corner

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English Poetry

Mountains and hills
do have a soft corner
for the rivers, beneath,
as we visualise this at times.
When the snow melts
water flows down
to quench the thirst
of rivers, on the land, barren.

The dark cloudy sky,
laden with kindness,
as tiny pearls of water drops,
towards the earth, down,
bursts out, crying hazily
with heavy showers of rain.



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Nice poem on Soft corner
    Liked very much.
    This soft corner is of a very lovely & affectionate variety.

    In India our politician leaders also suffer from having soft corners
    for some individuals & firms.many around & round the corner
    Between the authorities and soft corners Nation has to mourn forever
    This nexus needs to be confronted & smashed downright and down under ….
    Sorry if the word “soft corner” led me to think about the scams & high time swindlers

  2. medhini says:

    Vishvji; Politicians can direct soft corner towards the
    poor, needy and downtrodden if they desire for a
    change. Thank you so much.

  3. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    lovely poem on nature

  4. medhini says:

    Thanks, Apurva G.

  5. medhini says:

    Thank you for reading and

  6. parminder says:

    Avery different take on a soft corner. Very nice. Nature takes care of the needs of us and our surroundings.

  7. medhini says:

    When we look at the nature, sometimes,
    we become mute.Thanks Soni.

  8. Gion Gion says:

    I like the second verse for the imagery, animation and interpretation.
    The first verse I am pondering.
    Is “soft corners” a translated idiom? or similar but opposed to the phrase “hard edges”? or does it refer to – lack of obstruction to the distribution of a resource?

  9. medhini says:

    I appreciate your analytical mind
    and appreciable fine sense. Soft
    corner is used as a genuine kindness
    or feeling for the less privileged.
    Thanks a lot Fergus.

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