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A Poet’s Block…!

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An old poem of mine of ’09,  for some reasons modified & posted a fresh;

 A  Poet’s Block…!

A poet was on the operation table,
Undergoing angiography,
Doctor doing the angiography,
Was taken by sympathy,
Doc knew, being a poet, patient had no much money,
Told the poet, who, poor fellow, there too
Was lost thinking about his poems & poetry.
“Dear Sir, to tell you, I am really very sorry,
I notice in your angiography,
You are suffering from a major block,
In your heart’s main artery,
And that is my real cause of worry”
Poet in half consciousness got delighted & responded,
“Doctor, that has been my big worry too,
Thank you doctor for finding out,
That this writer’s block, I am badly suffering,
Is actually lodged in my heart’s main artery,
Not allowing me to create good poetry,
I am thankful to you; you need not feel sorry,
I am happy you found it, now please
Remove it in a hurry,
And from this writer’s block,
please make me free….!


                        “ Vishvnand “                               


  1. Sir,
    No insurance cover for this block ….so it is expensive to remove .
    Good one well put out ….
    sarala .

  2. kusumgokarn says:

    We all poets have faced this writer’s block some time or another.
    But can physical doctors unerstand and cure this?!

  3. Vishvnand says:

    SARALA KURUP JAGAN & kusumgokarn
    Thank you so very much for your comment on this posting.
    When an author suffers from what is known as ” a writer’s block” he gets preoccupied thinking about it at all times & about his inability to pen poems which would satisfy him; not realizing that it is Godsend time to take a break, not to be impatient but let go; enjoy reading & commenting on poems of other authors passionately. The block gets cleared automatically in due time

  4. siddha nath singh says:

    रचना कई अर्थ समेटे हुए.दिल छोटे हो गए हैं आज कल सो ब्लाक अर्थात जाम हो जाते हैं.

  5. Dr. Paliwal says:

    Very nice, sirji…
    Same block was in my heart, took long time to come out…

  6. Vishvnand says:

    SN ji
    Thank you. सही कहा
    दिल बड़े हो गए तो रास्ते भी बड़े हो जाते हैं
    जाम अपनेआप clear हो जाते हैं 🙂

    Dr. Paliwal ji
    Thanks for the comment.
    But Dr please clarify more, does this mean you were unwell for sometime in the interim or were just suffering from a writer’s block, a mood presently I am enjoying.

  7. Harish Chandra Lohumi says:

    Very Nice & touching…
    May I have the address of that doctor ? I think I am also suffering from poet’s block now a days, which is definitely blocking coming poems.
    Thanks for your observation & prescription Sir !!!

  8. Vishvnand says:

    Thanks so very much for your comments and empathy with the suffering
    I understand the doctor also since stopped his practice & is practicing poetry 🙂

  9. parminder says:

    Very nice and innovative! Really enjoyed reading it! Stands true here that “if had opened the heart to friends, would not have needed a doctor to open it”

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