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G R I E F ….!

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G R I E F ….!


God, why when worshiped as  benevolent you engage in acts of such sad cruelty?

Resenting we can’t avoid and abuse you greatly when such pain you inflict with insanity.

Insanely you take away from parents when alive their grown kid you gave in trust to nurture kindly ?

Entire affair of yours appears  so ad hoc,  silly, arbitrary, devoid of any sense or meaning for this calamity.   

Fail now not please to enlighten us all understand your designs and to receive solace if at all you are kind & Almighty ….!




  1. Sir,
    Well expressed the pain of sorrow .
    And you question God’s design
    but Almighty has reasons
    for controlling all passions.

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thanks for your comment & it’s content
      I am still struggling to come to terms with grief that has befallen & feel completely shaken,
      My close & very dear friend abroad has about 1 1/2 month back lost his grown up son in prime,
      And time seems to be passing extremely slow to heal this paining wound deep within God has given….

  2. kusum says:

    A philosopher explains it thus –
    Our own Karmas(actions) of the past and present life cause repercussions of joy or grief for us.
    So we ourselves are responsible for our joy and grief.
    And God is not responsible for it.
    Some also believe that sincere prayers to God Almighty can help mitigate our pain and sorrow & give moral support in surmounting tragedies in life.
    For all the graces and bounties bestowed by a superhuman power named God calls for a prayer of thankgiving from us helpless mortals.

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thanks so much for the comment.
      All one’s enlightenment knowledge & wisdom come to a naught when such grief befalls,
      But yes; it is again prayers, faith & teaching of Geeta that makes one recover to attend wisely to our life’s calls…

  3. santosh bhauwala says:

    well expressed grief ! sadhuwaad

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