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C O W ….!

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C O W ….!


Creation of Supreme Creator’s magnificence for unique reverence             

Only to consider it as an animal is devoid of common intelligence & a non-sense

Wholesomely sacred is their great feminine holistic manifestation for worship & salvation ….!


“ Vishvnand ”


  1. sushil sarna says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah beautiful SIR beautiful

  2. Viju says:

    Please watch this video Sir, It will bring tears 2 ur eyes

    • Vishvnand says:

      Viju; I did see this video posted by you on facebook but after I had posted this acrostic on sacred COW and am very upset with rage & in deep repentance that for such a revered species regarded so sacred & Godly by the majority community in the country the atrocities perpetrated are so inhuman, atrocious & deplorable and the Democratic Govt & Administration remains so unconcerned of this plight as silent spectators. Don’t know where this is leading our so called secular country & what vehement repercussion of all this is in store in the near future too for our country…..

      I am wondering at this premonition, unclear of stimulus at that time which prompted me to compose and post this acrostic, you had in effect separately come across this video & were planning to post it on facebook. What a coincidence…. !!

  3. rajendra sharma "vivek" says:

    Jai gou maataa gaay par sundar aur saarthak paribhaashaa

  4. parminder says:

    Very very nice sir!Wish people too discard the animal tendencies and respect the revered cow.

  5. Seema Sahaa says:

    “WOW” for this “COW”…:):):)

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