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English Poetry

Standing under the hot Sun,

he shouted slogans.
Displayed his sunken belly

and spilled tears.

Wiped and whipped his sweat

and swore on his blood.

That’ s all sometime ago
When he was in reds!


Now he turned to all-whites

His khaddar full hands shirt

struggles to hide his pot-belly…
He doesn’t remember

when he last did sweat
His air-conditioners are working well.


Now he doesn’t shout
doesn’t swear…

But sometimes sobbing in deep sleep…

mumbles his old slogans.







  1. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful meaningful poem
    Liked immensely

    Indeed what we see today is a bloody whitewash over all sort of corruption filth,sin & wrong doings….
    Time for a robust forceful fearless peoples uprising

    • anuradha says:

      Dear Visvnandji and Singh ji,
      Many thanks for your nice comments. This is about those socialists who start as poor, fighting crusaders and when become rich (by any means) and gain some political power, become silent. Then their voices won’t raise, they don’t fight for the poor or for good causes since they have a vested interest in everything that is going illegal. But sometimes their consciousness irks them. That is what I tried to say in this poem that they sob in sleep and mumble those old slogans.


  2. s.n singh says:

    in red and white valon ki baat hi kuchh aur hai,

  3. medhini says:

    Nice one.

  4. kusum says:

    Good subtle comment on India’s political scenario, I presume.

  5. Gion Gion says:

    Well worded.

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