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Anthology 2013 Entries, English Poetry

A part of me has had an eternal death

set ablaze in secret


typed into the pages of contests

ambushed between acceptance and not,

dynastic disavowal candle march.

Weeping alone in the dark alleys

coalescing my shredded sheath

i shed the sole sign

of believing.


My wails today echo from every dome.


Every lane sprays anger

in the beds of the world, deflower…

just this moment

my hopes lay worming in the search of me

certified by glacial fronts,





i bear no daughter



if i do

will you buy me her laughter, her joy

of being she?


(16th December’2012. A date earmarked for second sex. A day that knocks at our conscience reminding we are the other gender and that we are here all by ourselves, huddled, whimpering in our solitary corners.)


  1. Ashant says:

    Thoughts expressed nicely. Feel sorry for the sheath. Nice experience though. All the daer daughters pass on their smiles
    And laughter to make this world a better place.

  2. rajdeep says:

    You are awesome
    I just love to read your nicely woven words wrapped in fantastic muse.
    I loved the
    Power of melancholy,and love to dig the meaning.

  3. parminder says:

    How beautifully the sad words have been woven into this poetry! Indeed a shame that the brutality is increasing, and none out there are trying to put an end to it.

    • purabi says:

      Ma’am, we are unfortunate we were born in a land where the other gender is spaced out. marketed, customised, used, abused!it certainly is a dreadful thing that a girl child just outta womb may fall a prey or disposed of in a garbage bin!
      whatta fate!!!!
      thank you for dropping by!

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