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The blue

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Anthology 2013 Entries, English Poetry

While rolling stones came tumbling after

men holding onto their clay lamp[i]

forming debris lay on their belly

offering more than what they brought from their natives,


had no chance to scream

but sprawl earth clad,

on his feet the last prayer secretly lipped.

The blue wide opened

for all who slept, in the arms

of the massif king.[ii]


Sorrows, sins they say

got washed away

while the weight of grief

breathes heavy in many safe- returned,

sole being.


Ganges goes about her business.



[i] signifies the spirit

[ii] Lord of the mountain; Lord Shiva

 *The title of the poetry refers to Heaven; for us the blue sky is the last visible sight as God’s kingdom. 

(N.B: This is just a wee way to convey the pain we all are carrying seeing the loss of lives up there in the Himalayan ranges. )


  1. Gion Gion says:

    very impressive.
    The notes are illuminating.
    Each read brings a deeper feeling from the lines,

  2. kusum gokarn says:

    Touching empathy for unlucky pilgrims who died in Uttarkand tragic calamity.

    • purabi says:

      literature they say chronicles pain…this is not an inch close to it…but a share of a v.personal grief @Kusum Gokam
      Thank you for visiting!

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Very sensitive poem of intensity, feelings & grief at this ghastly calamity….
    Indeed deeply hurting sad happening, what to say about those who lost their kin in this tragedy
    Solace if at all can come only from revisiting Gita philosophy

    Hearty commends for this posting…!

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