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Kids Bible Story of Adam and Eve

Who said Adam was first;

how come his ugly bone became

the loveliest Eve

Trash, trash, trash!


The collected heap

of selective grace

of universe is woman!


She’s the First of all;

the green of the earth,

the blue of the sky,

the fluidity of water.

the brightness of light

and the chill of winds!


Never thinks a man

how he stumbled

on to this earth

sans the Holy Womb

spitting him out.


Yet man turned

a protruded ego

and rules the world

while the Generatrix

remained a sunken humbleness!

Shame, shame, shame!









  1. SN says:

    theory of genesis revisited! its true,world sans women will not be worth living for menfolk.

  2. kusum says:

    Very forceful volley of strong words upholding a woman’s dignity & respect.

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Enlightening empathy & feelings in this beautifully impacting poem and the content
    Wisdom should rule & this malaise of superiority of one over the other should rightfully be extinct…
    Hearty commends for the emphatic manner of presentation

  4. anuradha says:

    Respected Visvnandji, you have always been very kind and magnanimous in praise. Many thanks Sir. You are a true lover of poetry and you know the true sense of “rasa

    • Vishvnand says:

      anuradha,..Your’s is indeed a profoundly encouraging appreciation of commenting. I am greatly delighted, unable to express in words the feeling of esteem within.

  5. parminder says:

    very impacting with the forceful use of words. So true too. Loved it. Wish the male ego would take a back seat once and for all and the gender discrimination becomes history.

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