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English Poetry









Standing on the 61st floor,
straight, confident with glittering eyes, Mr. Dollar
…felt as tall as that skyscraper
…yeah,  eight hundred thirty three feet!
There’s nothing visible below
and indeed there’s nothing above!
That’s the oath
the Imperial Towers made
three years ago
when he signed on the dotted lines
to earn that rare ego!

He loved from there
the lovely scenario!
When cold drizzles clashed
with warm glimmers of the Sun
he stretched out his hands
to catch the colours sprinkled!
“Yeah,  one day I’ll hold tight
that rainbow bright!”
He smiles at himself…
calls it his warm desire,
his ‘pyara quaish’!
***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Pulling a loaded trolley
in knee-deep muddy rainy waters of Mumbai road;
Mr. Coin
(In fact no one addressed him Mister)
with bent back, docile and gloomy eyes
felt as flat as the earth itself.
It’s rock-hard below
and above his shoulders, hard task.
That’s the promise
the dirty soil made
fifty years ago
when he’s born in the slimy slums.
But he too liked the sight from there…
the glittering,  tall and rich
Imperial Towers!
As his glimpses avidly brush
that architectural extravagance,  he mutters
“One day I might walk inside
those doors baroque,
touch those colourful walls
and smell the scents
of imperial fragrance! ”
He laughs at himself…
he calls it a dream



  1. viju says:

    Good one

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Enlightening take & very telling
    Liked very much indeed ….!

    Hearty commends

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