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Swinging Luck

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English Poetry

Wherefrom Oh God,

This sudden unexpected opaque blockage

That blinds my new found vision?

But now with Your merciful grace and blessing,

The thick veil lifts up,

Slowly, very slowly though,

Until the brightness grows

Brighter than I can bear.

And now I decipher

The subtle difference

Between the normal and the abnormal

Vagaries of mortal existence.

And I humbly realise,

That inspite of all our fortifications,

How delicately  human life hangs

On an invisible string,

Swayed by luck, fate or destiny,

That can snap or strengthen,

Any moment,

At Your command!



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Very beautiful & elegant poem indeed.
    Hearty commends…!
    Our divine gifts & helplessness
    So beautifully expressed in the verse,
    Our gratitude to the Almighty for everything
    Can only be our rightful bliss….!

  2. kusum says:

    I agree with you fully.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. sarala jagan says:


    The simple questioning of moving from darkness into light , the fear of loss , the acceptance of destiny as a divine command, all come through as the poem weaves its web of magic around the reader.
    The start is tentative and as the poem grows the boldness and faith shine through. The need to remain positive despite minor irritants become obvious . Can be read again and again to comprehend the mystical ways of life.

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