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The Crow

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English Poetry

This bird is quite a pain
Especially in this age of Kali yug
When its population grows unchecked

It is said that the crow has 4 significance
The crow gives the signal
When the guests are about to arrive
The crow is the symbol of our ancestors they say
Lord Shani Dev or the planet Saturn rides the crow,
And the yug purush or the Kaal purush
Also has the crow as its pride and vehicle.

Be that as it may,
The ability of the crow lies
In getting more  vehicles to honk
On the streets and on the roads
They follow implicitly the pn junction theory
That is better known as previous next

They encourage like minded people
Who can think much the way they do
Lowly thinking and the like
Is their way of process and practical.

The crow is as much a status symbol today
As the bottle of Coke and Pepsi
That lies outside the shop
And is bought over the counter.

Lastly, a piece of advice from me
Do not be a scare crow
By wearing black
And scaring people away
That is the job that crows often do.

A famous celebrity who acted a scare crow
Was the chess champion Kasparov
Who defeated Anand when he played him in 1995.


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