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The smart road drivers

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English Poetry

I travel by auto-rickshaw
Some cars zoom by
Soon enough we reach a flyover
A regular sight there is
Of an animal killed on the road
And being eaten by the crows
The animal had most probably
Been killed by a speeding car
That usually does so whenever I travel
No driver stops or slows the car
To allow the animal to pass

Next when I travel by the cab
A regular feature there
That can annoy one
Is that a car and a bike team up
And go from the left and right of my cab
At the same time.

Next while I am in the cab
A truck comes and drives
Right near my cab showing
All its black machinery
Between its engine, seat and body.
Even though  there is space ahead
Just to cause that intentional, uneasy irritation.


Travelling is a big deal after all
And if you cannot travel well
By public transport
There is no reason to believe
How one can travel well by owning a car



  1. kusum says:

    Very true. Drivers especially of mobikes have no sense of discipline at all these days.
    Cutting through signals, overtaking other vehicles from wrong directions, over speeding all of which are the cause of accidents and deaths which can be avoided with some patience and steady driving.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    These foolishly smart road drivers, aren’t they messengers from God,
    Making you remember & pray moment to moment, when on road, The Lord,
    And aren’t in the whole affair the lackadaisical traffic Police, the real lords …! 😉

    • Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

      Which God are you referring to? Christ was a son of God and a messenger of God and he always talked peace. So which messengers of God are these who want to destroy the peace and the good.

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