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Life without Daddy

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English Poetry

Everyday we wake up to a new day
and realize that you are not around.
It hurts a lot to not see you around,
but we put a smile on our face remembering
that you are watching us from heaven.

You always wanted us to be happy
and now every time we feel down
we remember your are watching us
and smile again, knowing that you want to
see us sad or crying.

When we miss you instead of crying
we just remember all the good memories
we shared with you.
Your memories will be treasured in our heart forever!
And so will you daddy, forever in our hearts !


  1. Reetesh Sabr says:

    Hi Joann..the best thing being a poet..or even if we have just a notion that we can express our feelings in poetry form..that makes us sensitive beings..not just for ourselves but for others too.

    So here is a note of appreciation from a fellow poet for the touchy tribute you have written for your Daddy..who is very much alive in you.

    Your poem brought me memories of my father too 🙂 Keep writing..keep expressing!

    • Joann Joseph says:

      Hello Sir,

      Thank you for your kind feedback 😀 I am glad you enjoyed my poem, because to be honest I stopped publishing for a long time now, I was worried I lost touch with writing poems as well.


  2. kusum says:

    Very sweet poem straight from the heart full of deep genuine sentiments. Kee it up.

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Gem of a poem of deep sentiments
    Simple words conveying great feelings
    Hearty commends for the poem
    & do keep your passion for poetry spirited & flourishing ….!

    Am totally one with the profound observation of Shri Reetesh Sabr above ….!

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