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A Site Visit (:) A visit to remember , The Hurried Marathi Manoos

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English Poetry

The Hurried Marathi Manoos , Job Class , Swearing At Time , Swearing At Traffic

August 2018
Went to the branch office
Early enough and had a fruitful discussion
After heated arguments
On removal of footwear
That has been a norm
At all places that fellows work .

The Site was Uran
In the Raigad district
I waited till another visitor
Was there to accompany me
On the journey to the site
Along with the driver
And a customer representative (Rep)
To the site .

We went by a van
And I soon realized
How much of a problem
A van can be
When without a jutting engine unit
And neither a jutting dicky unit
There was no place to keep the chart
That the Rep carried with him
To show the white chart
Exposing it to the Indian Soil
Highly fertile and growing .

During the journey ,
We made a few halts
One at the site office
And another at roadside shop
That sold eatables and sweets
And another at the actual site .

Tea was served at the site office
Quantity , you do not ask
Just enough to taste
And throw away the thick paper mug
Into the dustbin .
Snacks was taken at the roadside
Sweet shop and eatables Place .

Here was the first interruption
By the driver
When all the three had eaten
And I was still a few morsels away
From having my food
Or precisely an icecream
Prompt came the statement
“Hurry up” in an indicative gesture .
I did not say much then ,
And this was just before the halt
At the actual site .

At the actual site
The Rep started
Conversing in Marathi
With the visitor and customer with me
As he was a Maharashtrian too .
Now during the entire journey
Upto the site , he was busy
Chatting with the 2nd customer
In a Hurried Marathi Language
I believe with an intention
To leave me out of conversation .
The chat at the actual site office
Was another Loud Hurried Marathi conversation
Directed right at the right side of my mind
Without hardly a few inches separating and distancing
Me and Rep and then the 2nd customer
Right next to me on my right .

For a Novice or a Beginner Level in Marathi
It is really impossible to pick up a hurried Marathi language
Where the words are delivered at a rapid rate ,
And more importantly it is impossible to Pick up the language
When the Person is standing too close for comfort
So close , that it requires one to strain his or her eyes
In order to look at the speaker and make sense of what he says .

I moved some distance ,
The Rep. started calling me
Not giving me a moment’s silence
To be myself
And to be in myself
Again the same thing repeated ,
And then the 2nd customer
Was thinking to himself
And for himself
And the Rep. called out to him as well ,
Not even giving him a moment’s silence
To be in himself .
And the hurried Marathi talk repeated .

Then I moved further
And the 2nd customer
Stopped talking after sometime
And the rep. called out twice to me
I did not respond
He left towards the van
The 2nd customer was Pensive
I gestured to him to come to me
As I walked upto him .
I hardly got into conversation with him
When the Rep . interrupted twice in between
Swearing on time and traffic .

A job class man showed his class
Only as an attempt to bring down
The class of an educated mind
To the ultimate level of swearing
On time and traffic .

The concept of undivided attention
Is and has always been alien
To Semi Literate or an Uneducated mind .




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