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Radha waits

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I know,
by habit you never keep up your word
O mate.
Yet I wait for you,
at this deserted riverside,
sitting behind
a thorny bush at Yamuna shore,
pulling the innocent grass roots
and showing my ire
on the defenseless waters
by throwing silky pebbles.

My enamored heart
allows me not a glum retreat;
my hoping eyes hate a disjoint
with the wiggling country path
in that dim, crescent light.

The Moons melting down;
the white jasmines in my braid
are wilting down.

A mischievous zephyr
whispered dirty sniggers into my ears
He wont come dear; he wont come,
better you retrace your homestead trail.
How long you wait?
Waiting is there your fallow bed!

Wiping the sweat on my forehead,
I cussed and hissed
Oh any long; Im sure I hear soon
his tender footsteps
in rhythmic movements
with the tunes of his melodious flute;
engulfs me in just a moment,
his masculine scent.
Shut up O unromantic wind.
Throw your advice
at some lifeless stump
or spill on some barren sand dunes.
My deep inner desires
are still moist.
My throbbing bosom
is warmer than ever.
I wait for him, I wait for him;
any long; any long!

Yet I fear O mate,
you never keep up your word.


  1. Vishvnand says:

    Very lovely & beautiful poem indeed, liked immensely… hearty commends..👍👌

  2. Gion Gion says:

    Passionate. Well, worth the read.

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