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In The Park, an old lady..!

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In the park, an old lady…!

A man at his morning walk in park
Saw an old lady on a bench lonely & quiet
Talking to herself with tears a lot
Went to her in compassion and asked
“Mom any problem, why are you crying & so sad
Are you very lonely in this stage of your life?”

“Oh! No! My God” She said, 
“I am not lonely at all.
I have a husband who loves me a lot
we both stay with our son & wife.”

“So is it that your son is not caring for you well
or your daughter-in-law is causing you trouble”
She said “Oh! No; my son is a gem & of great affection, 
and my daughter-in-law is more caring than even my son
She is like my loving daughter, soon to give me a grand son.
My God has provided me with a heaven in my home…”

“Then mom why are you crying so & in gloom”
“My dear, my memory has so disappointed & gone 
I don’t now remember my address & the way to my home.”

All laughed when they heard this story,
And expressed being very sorry for the old lady
I too did laugh but felt very happy for the lady,
I felt sure the man will help the lady verily
find & make her reach her home safely.
Never mind she with age has lost some memory,
But to remember & enjoy her home that is heavenly
Is what I regard as to her great blessing from Almighty.

” Vishvnand “

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    Good story very touching.
    Thank God the old lady had at least some partial memory to remember her son and d in law and gr son.
    Best wishes & regards

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