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Lokmanya visited Sai Baba

Sai told him to rest

And not worry about freedom

Soon Lokmanya passed away .

However the fight for freedom

Was far from over

Mahatma won with non violence

While in South Africa

Yet away from the title

And away in another continent

He did not know then anyone in India

Much less the Congress

It was then that Jinnah

Invited him to India

So he arrived in India

On arrival he met Gopal Krishna Gokhale

And he got introduced to Congress .

And many stalwarts he met

Panditji too was getting popular

Mahatma had his ways of nonviolence

And forced truth that reached the public

While non violence was getting strong

India fought with violence too

And revolutionaries Azad , Bhagat Singh and Sukhdeo

Also gained in prominence

Sarojini Naidu became the leading lady

In the war for freedom

Bose formed the Azad Hind Army

It was time of turmoil and war

Britishers suffered heavy losses

And finally agreed to freedom for India

After a doctored policy of divide and rule .

Jinnah was feeling alienated

The Mahatma was unhappy

Yet Panditji held firm

Demanding complete freedom for India

So two Nations were created

In those days religious violence

Took shape in India

Mahatma went on a fast

Until the violence stopped .

While Bose formed the Azad Hind Army

Mahatma got the title of One Man Army

And freedom was won .

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  1. Kusum says:

    Historical facts well narrated . Thanks .

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