About Us

We are a small bunch of diversely different people with a common passion of poetry.We got together on a pleasant Sunday afternoon over wine and coffee to have our first poetry meet and got fired up to start our own website.

Key Members

Renu Rakheja :

” I am” …..thats how she would like to describe herself.

Raj Halve :
Currently based in Gurgaon, Raj is an eclectic professional who loves to express himself through poetry and photography.

Preeti Datar:
A Chartered Accountant by profession and a creative person at Heart, Preeti firmly believes that one lifetime is too short to dabble in all the things that inspire her. However she tries to make the most of it!

Vikash Kumar:
Our web architect. He is an IIT graduate in chemical engineering, working as a software engineer. Apart from poetry and programming, he loves theatre, movie making, playing music instruments, photography,sketching….well! You got the point.

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