1. What is www.p4poetry.com?

P4poetry.com is an online medium to show your passion for poetry irrespective of whether you are interested in poetry, write poetry, appreciate poetry, listen to poetry or want to develop an interest in poetry. Various facilities at p4poetry.com viz. posting poems, reading poems, commenting, rating, forum, resources, reference room, crowned poems, contests, pod casts, member interaction via chats and monthly poetry meets in a city near you gurantee a perfect platform for showcasing your passion for poetry! For furher details read: About Us

2. What browser do I use to ensure best display and speed from www.p4poetry.com?

Although it works in every browser, we recommend firefox for better experience.

3. How do I keep myself updated with the happenings at www.p4poetry.com?

You can keep pace with the latest developments and happenings by visiting our team blog.

4. I can’t find the answer to my question/query. What do I do?

For all unanswered queries, write to us via the Contact us page or post your query at the forum.


1. Is there any eligibility criteria for membership?

Everyone’s invited! After all p4poetry.com is about YOU and YOUR poems!

2. Is it compulsory to register?

Unless you’re happy being a silent reader, registration isn’t necessary. But there are certain aspects of p4poetry.com like posting poetry, being a part of discussions at the forum, taking part in the contests, commenting and ratings on poems etc for which it is necessary to register.

3. How do I register?

Easy. Click here.(Register button under Options head on the side bar) You will be directed to another page. Choose a username and type it in the box provided. Key in your valid e-mail address and hit enter or click the register button. Your password will be e-mailed to you.

Find the e-mail from p4poetry.com in your inbox. Follow the link given in the e-mail. Once you’re directed to the login page, type your username and password in the box and hit enter.

You’re now logged in! Start exploring!

4. How do I change my password?

First you need to log in to your account. In case you’re already logged in, click on ‘Dashboard’. Once there, click on profile and you’ll be directed to the edit profile page. Find the ‘new password’ box. Type your new password twice and click on update profile. Ensure that your password is strong by using the strength feature.

5. How do I update my profile?

We at p4poetry.com recommend that you have an updated profile. This not only enables other members to know you better, but also helps others to get in touch with you via messenger. Your profile information is on every poem page as well as on your author page. Upload your photo also, if you want your readers to know, who you are.

To update your profile, click on ‘Dashboard’ button found on the bottom right corner of the main page side-bar. Once there, click on profile and you’ll be directed to the edit profile page. Fill in all the details (or those that you wish to share), upload your photo and click on update profile.

6. I’ve forgotten my Password. Help!

At the login page, click on ‘Lost your password’ to be directed to another page. On the new page, type your username or e-mail id and your new password will be e-mailed to you.


1. How do I post my poems?

You need to be logged in for posting poems. Click on ‘dashboard’ on the sidebar. Type your poem in the Quick Poem box(minimum post options) or Click on Posts to type and post a poem. Post your poem in editor and make use of various features of posting available to you, depending upon whether you have enabled visual editor or are posting with an HTML editor.

If you are copy-pasting your poem from somewhere, then we recommend to click on the HTML tab, instead of visual and then paste.

2. I’ve posted a poem but it has not appeared on the website.

Chances are that you must have clicked on the save draft instead of publish button on the write poem page.

Click on ‘edit’ under the ‘post’ head in the dashboard. Find the poem that did not appear on the website and click on it. You’ll be directed to edit the poem. Once there, click on publish and your poem will be posted instantly!

3. Publish button V/s. Save Button

Publish button instantly publishes your poem on p4poetry.com or the other members to read, unless you’ve ‘saved draft’ or chosen not to publish immediately.

Save/Draft button can help you save a poem without publishing it on p4poetry.com so that you can come back to edit it at a later time.

4. I can only see the HTML editor, how do I enable the Visual editor?

This maybe because you choose to not-enable the visual editor on your edit profile page. To enable the Visual editor, follow the steps in edit/update profile (as above) and check the box ‘Use the visual editor when writing’.

Tada! Enjoy the easier posting!

5. Can I post in languages/scripts other than English?

p4poetry.com let’s you post in Devnagiri, Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Malyalam, Telugu, Gurumukhi and Urdu script, apart from English.

To post in another language/script, enable the visual editor if it is not enabled yet. There you will see a drop down menu with English (F12) written on it. Click on the drop down arrow and choose the desired script and start typing! By the way, type what you speak and you’ll realize how simple the tool is!

If your browser does not support other scripts, you take help from here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Enabling_complex_text_support_for_Indic_scripts

6. How do I edit my posts?

You can edit your posts by clicking on ‘edit’ under the ‘post’ head in the dashboard. Once there, you will then see a table of all poems.

Find the post of yours which is to be edited and click on edit button corresponding to it. You will then be directed to the editor where you can make the necessary changes. After all the changes are done, hit the publish button and the changes will appear instantly.

7. Can I delete my posts?

Follow the same steps as explained for edit my post option (above) but click on delete button instead of edit button for deleting a poem.

8. What are tags?

Tags are keywords that describe the poem. Tags make it easier to find poems/posts that are related to the tag searched for. Adding tags will not only make your poem show up often in searches, but also help in organizing poems/posts.

To add tags, simply type out relevant keywords in the box provided on the write a post page.

9. Choosing a category for the poem

It is important to categorize your post correctly so as to enable posts to show up in an organized way, as well as to make it easier for readers to read their favored category of post. Choose from various language categories and Podcast.

10. Comment & Pings

This feature has two sub-options, viz. allow comments and allow pings.

Allow comments: By default this option is checked. In case you do not want readers to comment, uncheck this box.

Allow pings: Pings is a way of letting search engines know that there have been new posts/updates on p4poetry.com. This enables the search engines to locate and crawl this new content. By default this option is checked

11. What is the ‘publish immediately’/ timestamp option?

Suppose you are posting a poem on 01/01/2008. That poem was originally written y you on say 30/09/2007. While making the post, you can click on the ‘edit’ button right next to the publish immediately text and can change the date to 30/09/2007, to reflect the date when the poem was composed. The post will then be dated 30/09/2007 instead of 01/01/2008.

Isn’t this option cool?! Time machine, eh?

12. Upload/Insert Option – Uploading Images/Audios

You can upload audio, video and images on our server. To upload, click on the relevant symbol corresponding to the ‘upload/insert’ text appearing above the box where you type the poem to be posted. Clicking on the relevant option will take you to a new page. Once there, browse your computer for the audio/picture/video to be uploaded and click on upload. You’ll reach a new page. Once there, make any changes if you desire and click on insert to post. Your audio/video/picture will now appear with the poem!! For tutorial on podcasting, go here. We reserve the right to delete any uploaded content without any notice if the content conflicts with p4poetry.com policies.

13. Excerpt Option

Excerpt is a summary of the post. You may or may not add an excerpt.

14. Post Notification Option

If this option is on, then an e-mail will be sent to all those who have subscribed to it via e-mail. Else, it will not. By default this option is on.


1. How do I leave a comment on fellow member’s poems/posts?

You need not be logged in to comment on posts/poems. If you are logged in, find the ‘Leave a comment’ option at the bottom of each post/poem. Type out your comment in the box provided and hit the ’submit comment’ button. Your comment will appear instantly. The moderators hold full right to delete unethical/explicit/spam comments.

If you’re not logged in, find the ‘Leave a comment’ option at the bottom of each post/poem. Type out your name, valid e-mail address, your homepage(optional) and your comment in the relevant boxes provided and hit the ’submit comment’ button. Your comment will appear on the page/post instantly. The moderators hold full right to delete unethical/explicit/spam comments.

2. Can I comment in languages other than English?

Yes! You can! Click on the dropdown option to choose the language in which you wish to comment and start typing it!

3. What are follow-up comments?

If you check the ‘notify me of follow up comments via email’ option while posting a comment/poem, you’ll receive an e-mail for every consequent comment on the poem. This feature helps you track all the comments that are posted after your comments has been published.

4. What is comment on comment?

Now you can reply to each comment separately by clicking on ‘comment on this comment’. However, if your comment is not in reply to a preceding comment, you can ‘post it as a new comment’ (like you used to do previously) and not as ‘comment to this comment’. Each comment on comment is taken into account for generating total comment stat for every poem.

5. How do I add rate option to my post?

It is added by default.

6. How do I rate posts/poems?

Hover on the stars that you see under the ‘poem title’ (from left to right) and click on the star that corresponds with your rating.

Suppose you want to rate a post as 4/5, then click on star number 4 from the left and your rating will instantly appear. Readers as well as authors of the posts can view the votes (number of members who rated a post/poem) and the average rating.

7. Someone has been rating my poems really low thus bringing down the overall ratings. Help!

This phenomenon is typically known as ‘rating abuse’. Ratings are anonymous and there is no way to find out who gave how much rating to a poem. However, the only way to ensure that this does not happen is to rate a poem, and not a person. If you do have certain issues with a fellow poet, kindly keep the differences away while on p4poetry.com. This will ensure that the friendly and conducive environment at p4poetry.com does not get hampered. Further, use these pointers to ensure your rating is just-

Bad *

Needs Improvement **

Fair ***

Good ****

Outstanding *****


1. How are crowned poems chosen?

Crowned poems are chosen by the moderators of p4poetry.com. Crowned poems are purely based on how good the poem is – theme wise, writing wise and content wise. Understand that there is no bias involved here as we practically do not bother about the poet name as the poem is the winner!

2. What is the frequency of crowning poems and what are the number of poems crowned in a day/week?

There is no set pattern for crowning poem on daily or weekly basis or a fixed number of poems that are crowned. The whole act of crowning is very subjective. One day 10 poems maybe crowned in they are outstanding, while no poem may also be crowned for a day/week if the poems do not shine through.


1. How is the contest theme decided?

Contest theme is decided by the moderators of p4poetry.com. However, you as a privileged member of p4poetry.com can suggest theme for the contest on the forum.

2. How often are poetry contests held and what are are the rules?

Poetry contests are held on a monthly basis. The rules vary with every contest. Read about the on-going contest and the rules here.

3. How is the winning poem(s) decided?

Winning poem is decided by an algorithm consisting of ratings, comments, theme, language used, no. of views etc. Previous contest winners can participate but if there is a tie between a new participant and a previous winner- preference will be given to the new participant

4. What is the reward for the winning poem?

The winning poem is highlighted on the website and the winner gets a book of his/her choice from our prize sponsorer, Manjul Publishing House.


1. How do I subscribe to feeds?

Click on subscribe tab at the top panel on the main page/under the options available in right-hand panel. Once there, choose subscribe, type your valid e-mail address and the characters for word verification and click on Submit.

Check your e-mail id (the one you entered while subscribing) for a confirmation mail. Follow the link provided in the subscription conformation mail to confirm your subscription and to select the categories you want to subscribe to OR click on All to subscribe to all categories. Click on save and enjoy p4p in your inbox!

To subscribe to Comments Feed, click on comments rss under the options available in the right-hand panel.

2. How do I unsubscribe the feeds?

Click on subscribe tab at the top panel on the main page/under the options available under right-hand panel. Once there, choose unsubscribe, type the valid e-mail address through which you have subscribed and the characters for word verification and click on Submit.

Check your e-mail id a confirmation mail. Follow the link provided for unsubscribing. Select the categories you want to unsubscribe to or click on all to unsubscribe to all categories. Click on save to get a subscription free inbox!


1. What is a podcast?

In layman’s language, a podcast is an audio poem. We at p4poetry.com have incorporated this facility because we firmly believe that ‘voice conveys more emotion than written words….’

2. How do I record and post a podcast?

Read this excellent tutorial by our admin. And don’t forget to categorize your poem under ‘podcast category’ apart from the language category before posting the poem/podcast!


1. What are the venues of the poetry meet?

Currently monthly poetry meets are held in Mumbai (generally on second Saturday of the month), but Poetry meets for other cities are being planned.

2. Do I need to register myself in advance for attending the poetry meet?

It’s advisable to register before hand for the following reasons-

we get an estimate of the attendees and the corresponding seating space required

in case of the meet being re-scheduled/cancelled, you can be informed

To register, mail the following details to poetry-meet@p4poetry.com on or before the date announced for the poetry meet.

(Enter “Mumbai Meet” in the subject line)

1. Name
2. p4poetry id/username
3. Contact Number
4. Comments/Queries

However, you can attend even if you’ve not registered in advance.

3. What is the fee for attending the poetry meet?

Poetry meets are free of charge for members and other poetry enthusiast. You are also free to bring along a friend. The more the merrier and better for our poetry cause!

4. Is it necessary to give my contact no.?

We assure you that your contact number will be in safe hands, if that is what prompted this query…..

No, it is not necessary to give your contact number/mobile number but it is advisable to do so as we can get in touch with you in case of any change in the poetry meet schedule or an inevitable cancellation.

5. What typically happens in a poetry meet?

We begin the meet with a round-up of the website/website statistics and the new developments. We then proceed to a self-introduction of the founders, the p4poetry members and everyone present at the meet.

Thereafter, everyone present shares their poems, light-hearted and serious discussion about the website, poetry forms and any other engrossing topic happens. After all the lovely poems, the shared thoughts, we disperse…until the next meeting of course!

6. Can I bring along friends?

You’re more than welcome to bring along friends, fellow poets and poetry enthusiasts!

7. I am not a poet. Can I still attend?

Of course you can! If everyone recites, then who’ll listen?

8. Can I organize a meeting in my city?

Yes, p4poetry.com welcomes initiative from its members in organizing meets in their city. Simply mail us at poetry-meet@p4poetry.com with ‘My-city-meet’ as subject line and we will get back to you at the earliest.


  1. How do I add poem’s to my favorite list?

On every poem page between the poem text and the comments you’ll find a grey box. This box contains a link titled ‘Add this poem to your favorite list’. Click on that link to add a particular poem to your favorite list.

2. How do i see all the poem’s in my favorite list?

Locate the ‘My favorite poems’ link on under the Option head on the right side panel  of the main page. Click on it to see all the poems in your favorite list.

3. Removing poems from your favorite list.

Click on ‘My favorite poems’ under the Options head on the right-side panel of the main page to view all your favorite poems. Click on remove link against any of the poem that you wish to remove from your favorite list.

4. Generating PDF of the poet of your choice.

Want to keep the poems of your favorite p4petry.com member on your computer for future reference? It’s easy.

Go to your favorite p4poetry.com member’s page (eg- https://www.p4poetry.com/author/member’s p4p id/) via the poet’s list. Locate the PDF symbol at the botton left of the poet’s page. Click on it to generate the PDF file containing the poet’s profile and all of their poems.

This PDF can be saved, printed and even sent out as an e-mail attachment. At the moment, PDF gerenator is compatiable only for english poetry.

5. SMS Poetry

* How to register

Send POET your_nick_name to 56767888. For example: If I want to use SMS poetry, I will write POET VIKASH and will send it to 56767888

* How to post an SMS poem

Send “POEM your_poem” to 56767888.
For example: If I want to send a SMS poem, I will write POEM you can publish your poems via sms in few words, Thanks to mighty geek, hail the god of nerds

* Facing a problem with sms poetry?

Report it to web@p4poetry.com

6. Liked a poem? E-mail it!

To e-mail a poem click on ‘E-mail This poem’ link contained in a grey box between the poem text and comments. You’ll be directed to a new page. Fill up your details and those of the person you’re e-mailing it to and hit “Mail it!”


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If you still have a query or a correction to point out in the FAQ’s, use the contact-us page.