Help Us

You are here because of your passion for poetry and the love for the platform which has given you. We too started this website for smiliar reasons. We are a small team who is trying to do as much as we can, but we also need help and support from you. Remember! No help is too small or too large. There can be a million ways in which you can contribute. We are listing a few here for you to start off with-

Use & Recommend p4poetry

Post your poems, read and comment on other’s poems, participate in the forums, send us feedbacks – These small things which require no money and very less amount of time and will go a long way in improving the website.

Also, You can tell your friends about this website and encourage them to use it. the more the users, more the diversity and more the fun.

Become your own editor

If you post a poem in the wrong category or tag it with an irrelevant tag then it takes a lot of manual effort from our end to set it right. So, you can help us by becoming your own editor. Check your poems for spelling errors, post it in relevant category and tag your own poems properly.

If you want to do more, become a part of editorial team. But, we can’t give everyone the privileges to edit. So, you need to be active, trusted and passionate about p4poetry to win the honour of being an editor.

Donate Money

Last but not the least, everything requires money. So, any donations (in single or multiple digits) are more than welcome. We will even showcase your name on this page, until unless you want your name to be anonymous.